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My Favourite Poems in English

Konstantin Voskresenskiy

Возраст 12+1 часАнглийский9780369405043

Текст читает: Carl Munson


The book of selected poems by Konstantin Dmitrievich Voskresensky, author of five books "In Your Name", " Tale. About the vaccine from the pocket-the adventures of Roman", "In jest seriously", "The Adventures of the boy Kesha", "The Dreamer". A collection of the best works of the poet, creatively revised and passed through a picky critical sieve. For a wide audience.

Executive chief editor: Leah Foden
Interpretation by: Lord Muck, Konstantin Voskresenskiy, Elizaveta Suboch, Leah Foden, Peter Svetlichniy
English editor (Russian native speaker): Peter Svetlichniy
English editor (U.K. native speaker): Leah Foden
Reader: Carl Munson

Basic for the cover's illustration: Elena Vasil'eva
Drawing and design of the cover: Martha Polyanskaya

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